Waterfalls and Tallinn tour

It’s a DayTrip to two out of three biggest Waterfalls in Estonia – Jägala waterfall and Keila-Joa waterfall. The third one is located in Narva and this we can see during our trip around Estonia.

In addition to nature, we will give you an informative guided bus tour in Tallinn to get to know your new hometown, to get to know Mareti team and the way we do our trips:)

Dates for Spring 2022

Trip #1: 12 February 2022

  • The trip departs on Saturday.
  • The trips are open to everybody, so bring your friends and family with you!
  • Places for the trips are limited.
  • Price for the trip is 30€ with ESN card.
  • We travel in safe and private group!
  • Please take a moment to read from the programme (below) or talk to students who have been to Mareti trips before how much is included in the price.
  • Get your ESNcard for discount.

Programme of the trip

Plan of the day:

  • Meet and depart from Tallinn
  • Drive by the Song Festival grounds
  • Drive trough the city to Jägala Waterfalls
  • Jägala Waterfall visit
  • Tea and cookies break at the waterfall
  • Drive back towards Tallinn
  • City tour in Tallinn
  • Drive towards Keila-Joa waterfalls
  • Keila-Joa waterfall and area visit
  • Lunch in open air
  • Departure to Tallinn

We meet in Tallinn city center in the morning. First, we go to see Jägala waterfall. The waterfalls are nice to see at any time of the year and let us see how the view looks like during our trip.

While enjoying the moment at this waterfall, we are happy to introduce to you some local pastries with home-garden herbal tea. When the time is right, we start to drive towards Keila-Joa waterfall and now it is time to relax in the bus, look out from the window and get to know your new hometown because we are going to give you an informative and useful bus tour in Tallinn.

Keila-Joa waterfall welcomes us either frozen or with the sounds of falling water. The hiking path next to the river is waiting and here you will enjoy the views together with lunch. For dessert, we will prepare something traditional. You will hear all the details from us what and how and why we prepare and eat it! During the day we will tell you a lot about Estonia, its seasons and our traditions, so by the end of this DayTrip, you are on the way becoming an expert of Estonia and Estonians. We finish the trip in the afternoon at the same place where we started it.

What do I get for the price


  • Transportation from and to Tallinn (comfortable bus with chargers & toilet).
  • Traditional cookies and tea in Jägala Joa.
  • Warm lunch and traditional pastry in Keila Joa .
  • Guided bus tour around Tallinn.
  • Help from Mareti at all times (of course) .
  • Stress and hassle free trip with eating and doing all activities together.