Trip to Lapland

Crossing Polar Circle, husky ride, tons of snow and hours of sledding, hello to Santa and reindeers, hot sauna and swim in a frozen lake – these are just some of the things you will do and see during our magical trip. Want to do all this? Let’s go! Join us for this 5-day trip to North of Finland and collect memories of a lifetime!

Dates for Autumn 2019 Lapland trips will be announced soon

*All trips depart from Tallinn at 5pm and arrive back at 11am.

The trips are open to everybody, so bring your friends and family with you! Places for the trips are limited.

Price of the trip will be announced  soon. Price without ESNcard +10 euros.

Get your ESNcard for discount!


Day 1
Start from Tallinn in the afternoon by ferry to Helsinki. From Helsinki we drive overnight towards Lapland by bus. You will receive ESN Tallinn neck pillows and eye masks for your beauty sleep in the bus. We have prepared some games and movies to watch in the bus to make the ride fun and enjoyable.

Day 2
Arrival to Santa Claus village after more than 800 km ride. We enjoy the fresh air, snow and breakfast in the bus (sandwiches, biscuits, fruits, yogurt and tea). After this, we’ll spend some hours wandering around the Christmas village and take a beautiful group photo with the real Santa (you get the photo after the trip on your email)! By lunch we arrive to our accommodation. In the afternoon there is time to play snow battle and sled. Before dinner we go to visit a nature photography center.

Day 3
After refreshing night and breakfast, we go meet amazing huskies who are the friendliest creatures in the world. Who is interested, can take part in a sledge-ride, pulled by six to eight huskies. After hugging huskies, it is time to visit a reindeer farm to have a sleigh ride and take part of different activities. Here we eat our lunch (hot soup and BBQ sausages on an open fire and hot drink with dessert in a cozy house). In the afternoon, we enjoy some good views on one of the biggest ski-mountain in Finland in Ruka. Who is interested, can plan afternoon here. To finish the day Finnish style, our bus will bring you to a local spa to enjoy sauna and pools or to play bowling (extra price). Later in the evening, we eat a special Finnish dinner.

Day 4
After a big breakfast it is time to have a longer walk in a national park to see, feel and smell the nature – clean and untouched. It is time for our second outdoor lunch in the middle of the forest around open fire. In the afternoon, it is time to continue local traditions and enjoy and relax in a hot sauna next to a frozen lake/pool. Brave ones can have a swim in the ice hole, so bring your swimsuit in any case! Before departure, we do a stop in a shopping center to buy some last snack and food for our way back home. Finally, we drive overnight towards Helsinki – remembering the amazing memories of your trip to Lapland.

Day 5
Arrival to Helsinki early in the morning to take the ferry that brings us back to Tallinn by 11am.

Included in the price

  • Transportation from and to Tallinn (ferry + bus)
  • Accommodation in Kuusamo (2 nights, rooms for 2-4 people)
  • Food: breakfast 3x, lunch 3x, dinner 2x
  • Visit of Santa Claus village and group picture
  • Husky farm visit
  • Reindeer farm visit
  • Reindeer sledge-ride
  • Walk in national park
  • Sauna evening
  • Sledding
  • Help from Mareti and ESNers at all times (of course)

Not included in the price

  • Husky ride/safari (5km ride around 64 euros per person if the price by the farm remains the same as previous semester. Two people sharing one dog-sleigh).
  • Kuusamo Tropiikki Spa (10 euros)
  • Food for first/last evening in the bus and the last morning in the ferry

Personal documents

Finland and Estonia are part of the Schengen area which means no borders between them. However there can be random checks on both sides. Therefore you should always have with you an identification document.
If you are a citizen of a country that is part of the Schengen area, your identity card from your home country or from Estonia is enough (you can also take your passport).
If you are a citizen of a country that is NOT part of the Schengen area, then you must have your passport with you. Your passport should also contain the appropriate visa/permit to travel in Europe.
More info about the countries of the Schengen area here.

Travelling by bus

Travelling a long way by bus is a bit different than travelling by car, plane or boat. You sit for several hours in a small swinging space with a lot of people. To make it more fun, prepare some card games, your music, take some DVDs, your pillow and some small blanket or sleeping bag and the trip is already a lot more comfortable. Our travel to Lapland is around 800km and it is over night. After every 4 hours we have a stop at a gas station during which everybody can walk around, go to toilet, buy food/drinks…

Warm clothes

We are going far North, meaning a lot colder than it is in Tallinn and most probably than in your home country. If you don’t have warm jacket, trousers or shoes, please ask your tutor or some friend who has – we are sure they can lend you something for some days. Take also gloves, hat, scarf and thick stockings to put under your jeans if you have only jeans to take with you. The best would be when you take skiing clothes. Don’t underestimate the temperature! You can check the weather in Finland here.

Travel insurance

We can be as careful as possible but things can happen. If you are at home, you are secured and safe but far from home and from the city where you study abroad, medical help can be very expensive, especially if you do not have health or travel insurance. In case something happens, the health/travel insurance covers medical costs and if necessary, trip back home. We do not compensate any of your unforeseen expenses in the event of cancellation of your failure to make your trip, lost baggage, loss of health and/or accidents. The only possibility to protect oneself from such an expense is to get a travel insurance policy.
Please prepare (you can do it online or in an agency) your travel insurance; for example here:
In case you do not want to buy an insurance, you assume sole financial liability for all direct and indirect consequences of events occurring before or during the trip.

If you have the European Health Insurance Card, take it with you! It makes sure that if something happens, you will have access to the same state-provided health care services under the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in that country. Be careful: it does NOT mean that the health care services will be free and it is not a travel insurance!

Cancelling policy

We need 40 people to make this trip happen.

After you pay for the trip you give us a clear signal that you are interested in this trip and we take care that you have a place and that you are part of the trip. We book the bus, ferry, accommodation, food, programme…
It means that:

  • 3 weeks (21 days) before the trip, there is no refund of what you have paid for the trip
  • 21 to 30 days before the trip you can get refund 50% of what you have paid for the trip
  • more than 30 days before the trip we can refund you 75% of what you have paid for the trip

Being late or missing the trip

If you are late for the trip or sleep too long in the morning and miss the daily activities, there is no refund. Who is late, misses the programme.

Santa Claus village

In Lapland, near Rovaniemi, there is the real Santa Claus who brings gifts and good wishes to the kids all around the world. In the Santa Claus village, we cross the Arctic Circle. You can send postcards to your beloved ones with snowy greetings and we take a group picture with Santa! In the village you can also find reindeers and there are several souvenirs shops.

Polar Lights (Aurora)

An aurora is a natural light display in the sky predominantly seen in the high latitude regions (Arctic and Antarctic). Aurorae are caused by cosmic rays, solar wind and magnetospheric plasma interacting with the upper atmosphere. For more info about Aurora, see here.


Sauna is an important part of Finnish lifestyle. Maybe you have already visited saunas during your stay in Estonia but have you jumped naked into the snow or in a frozen lake after it? After our trip you can say “I have done it“.

Reindeer ride

You can ride on a reindeer sleigh, take numerous photos with the reindeers and test your skills in catching reindeers with lasso. There will be hot drinks and pastries for everyone.

Husky farm

200 amazingly friendly dogs are waiting for you to give your attention to them. We see how life is in a husky farm, we can kiss and hug these beautiful dogs and who wants can take the challenge in a husky ride: a sleigh guided by six huskies who just love running as fast as they can.

Skiing in Ruka

We give you some hours to walk around the Ruka ski resort. Ruka has 30 slopes and 20 lifts and for cross country lovers, 500 km of ski tracks. For more info about Ruka, see here.

Walk in the nature

To get the real Nordic experience, we go to walk in the nature and listen to our guide what nature is like in North of Finland.

Kuusamo Tropiikki spa

Tropiiki Kuusamo hotel’s spa is the best way to finish the day. A swimming pool will relax you as well as jacuzzis, Finnish sauna and steam sauna. A water slide with stopwatch will also entertain you.

Spring 2019

Do this trip!

Its so much fun! Had some of the best experiences of my life! You get to know your friends better and meet a lot of cool people.

On Friday I had one of the best days ever, so many amazing things to do, so many first times. It was amazing. Thank you for that, I won’t forget this ever.

Best investment ever.

Lapland is a mystical place! It you can, go in winter and don’t be too afraid of the cold.

The trip was really fun, and I really enjoyed it!

I usually don’t trust organized trips, but this was over my expectations. It made me really experience Finland.

We did amazing activities that we probably never do again. Great trip with other students.

Lapland is really worth it, the landscapes are beautiful and it’s once in a lifetime. Also, we had the chance to see the northern lights. Awesome!

You will get an opportunity to see beautiful natural landscapes, do some original activities.

The northern lights were amazing and Santa Claus. Sauna+ice water. Good choice.

Exciting first trip to get to know everyone better and have some unique great experiences.

It is a trip that shows you the most famous things of Finnish culture in incredibly short time. It is really worth it if you don’t want to plan it by your own.

It was awesome! Thank you!

I liked the trip, it was great. I want to join all Mareti trips. Thank you for everything! You should join this Lapland trip. You will have memories that you never forget.

I study in Riga, but I’m glad that I choose this trip from Tallinn. Amazing.

Just amazing and totally worth the price.

Every day on the trip you feel like it is the best one and then on the next day it gets even better, and you experience even more amazing adventures.

Enjoy nature with the most convenient way.

Amazing and unique experience, good atmosphere. It is worth it!

This trip makes you go beyond your limits, simply amazing.

Loved every single minute of it. Simply amazing how our group leader managed all of it.

Don’t hesitate to do everything! It is really worth it!

Don’t hesitate for a second. It was one of the best trips of my life. Once in a lifetime experience. A huge thank you!

It is worth the price, best experience of my entire life!

I’d do it again.

It was definitely worth it and an amazing experience.

It was amazing and impressive! Unique experiences.

Great! Delivered everything that was promised and more. Recommended!

It’s the best trip we can do in Finland. The most important activities to do are here.

Don’t hesitate, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in my life.

I love this trip, this feeling and it’s like a dream.

Sauna was once in a lifetime experience, crazy but amazing. The most satisfying thing I have ever done.

The trip to Lapland was one of the mist amazing trip I ever did. So many activities, all amazing. Unique opportunity.

The best experience in my life.

The feelings you get in Lapland are unforgettable, been to several countries but Lapland is something else.

The best experience in my life and new unforgettable feelings.

Satisfied with the trip, Lapland is awesome!

The husky sledge was one of the best experiences in my life.

The husky sledge was one of the most beautiful and exciting experience in my life, together with the sauna and the bath in the lake.

Good first trip in Lapland. Worth it!

Do not think, just go! You will never regret.

Once In a lifetime experience.

Autumn 2018

It was the best trip!

I had the best day of my life on this trip – huskies, reindeers and swimming in ice hole.

Even if we did not see the northern lights the trip was worth it. Loved it!

It was one of the best trips ever! The trip was very well organized and funny! Thank you to let me have this amazing experience!

I am really happy I decided to go for this trip. It was the best trip and worth the money.

Your organization and staff are amazing!!!

I cannot imagine better way to spend this amount of money.

It is truly amazing. It offers you the chance to do some crazy things that will be hard to do again in a lifetime.

If you don’t believe that Narnia exists, please go to Lapland and check out for yourself.

It was much better than I expected!

One of the best experiences in my life! Everyone should do it! No words to describe it!

I loved every part of it. Its amazing how many new impressions I got within this short time.

One of the best trips of my life and the ESN leader are so cool and bring very good mood!

Great trip also for trips. Would highly recommend it. Suitable for all ages.

How often in life do you get the chance to see the northern lights+

A trip that you need to do. It was an amazing experience and I will remember it all my life.

Fascinating nature, perfect combination of activities and great group atmosphere.

It was great. You do thing you will do only once in a lifetime!

Its so nice and you feel in contact with the nature.

It was a really nice trip. I would do it again and can recommend it.

I didn’t know anyone before the trip, but you meet easily new people and the trip is really fun.

Really suggest you go and make this experience, it’s something fantastic, well organized and totally different from what you used to.

Lapland is a must! One of the best five days of Erasmus. A definite must for Erasmus students.

This trip was amazing! The activities are wonderful and the group leader really nice.

I really felt magic Lapland. So many activities and discoveries and the guide were so nice. Thank you!

I was with all my friends in a different and beautiful place. I couldn’t ask for more. Best memory.

I really enjoyed the trip and felt welcomed. I still can’t believe I had such a beautiful experience. I did not expect to find such good people and such magical places.

I really recommend this trip. I’d never seen such breathtaking landscapes and everyone’s mood was cheerful and great.

Super recommended experience! Worth every moment in Lapland.

The trip got me really emotional, it was a dream that came true.

Spring 2018

I loved Etienne’s (the group leaders) positive energy! The long bus trip definitely is worth it! I had 3 really great days that could not ever organize better on my own.

Thanks for the amazing opportunity to see the Northern Lights and lots of amazing places!!

It was perfect, very organized trip and with very good cooperation. I am very happy that I could be part of the trip.

One of the best experience of my life.

This trip is amazing! All perfect and well organized. I liked it very much!!

Take the chance and you will get a great experience. I promise!

Amazing trip, we were very lucky about the weather. Thank you for the organization, and especially to Etienne for his kindness.

Three days of pure happiness. You can register for this trip in closing your eyes.

I didn’t know that it will be possible to live such a trip…. I met incredible people I will never forget. Thank you so much.

I feel very lucky! The trip was amazing. Thank you!

On this trip you really get in touch with nature. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone!

Once in a lifetime experience especially for me because I’m Greek and it was something completely new to me. I still can’t believe how lucky I was to see auroras.

Absolutely magical experience. Please go and see for yourself.

The best trip ever. Once in a lifetime emotion.

Please guys, apply for this trip, because you will see something that you have never seen before.

There was EVERYTHING. Aurora borealis, huskies and food. Beautiful trips, escape to fairy-tale.

Thank you so much and thank you for organizing and putting so much effort in it. It was beautiful, great organization.

Whole trip was amazing!

Words are not enough, one must see it really.

It was perfect trip! Husky, reindeer and northern lights in three days. Impressive…

Wonderful! Amazing! Lucky! Unforgettable!

No-brainer! Aurora is priceless. Don’t hesitate!

Don’t think about the money, just about all the good memories you will have.

It was an amazing experience! I saw the Northern Lights, travel to Lapland, see the nature, walk a lot, playing in the snow. It’s completely with to come here and try this.

Amazing northern lights. Great experience.

Made (the group leader) was very friendly! It was the vest idea to be on this trip!

Once in a lifetime trip/break/experience for just a few euros.

Really worth it. Beautiful places, great activities. Dare to try everything.

It was amazing! An opportunity to see a different cold country, particular animals and have fun!

It was once in a lifetime experience! It was absolutely amazing, and I would definitely recommend it!

The group leaders are very nice, always helpful and they organized the trip very well. We saw a lot in this short time and I enjoyed this trip so much.

Great experience I would never had by visiting Lapland by my own.

Just one sentence from me. It’s worth it!

Don’t miss out! The atmosphere and the activities are just great. I feel like I got to know a lot of people as well – and huskies of course!

If you have never tried husky ride and sauna, this is the best chance.

You cannot miss it! It’s and experience of lifetime.

Everything is like a dream. You should not miss this opportunity.

Rarely could be better. Made as an excellent tour guide and glad a lot of engagement. Perfect trip!

The trip was amazing. Keep it like this. The nature is beautiful.

An opportunity of a lifetime that will allow you to experience activities you would not experience otherwise.

It is an incredible opportunity to explore Lapland. In just three days you already understand Lapland much better and you just want to stay longer to experience more of the pure untouched nature.

An unforgettable adventure between forests, ice, lakes and saunas! But please… bring your snow pants!

You must do it! It’s an amazing trip even if you can’t see the northern lights.

Thank you for this amazing trip. It was super cool and worth the money. But be prepared for the cold. Definitely worth every cent. I think it’s really good price for all the services, which are included.

Unforgettable and the best experience ever.

Really worth to go considering different options and alternatives.

Every euro that you pay is worth it. The trip is perfectly organized.

It was the best experience that I’ve ever had.


Autumn 2017

Every part of this trip and every moment was amazing…

This trip it was awesome. It was like in a dream. Thank you for that!

Amazing trip. Totally worth it. Best trip during the Erasmus.

Once in a lifetime experience, do not hesitate to go.

Don’t’ miss it! Very much first experiences during the trip. You have to go to Lapland!

It is worth the money! Best ESN Trip! Biggest adventure!

Don’t think about that and GO!

This trip it was awesome. It was like in a dream. Thank you for that!

Unbelievable trip, so much emotions! Strongly recommended!

It was legendary! The highlight of my Erasmus. After the trip, your heart is full of love.

Don’t even thing about to not participate on this trip. It is worth every cent and you’ll keep these memories until the end of your life.

You should participate in everything! This is unforgettable experience.

Anyway, you have to participate, it was my best trip ever!

You must do it… yes or yes!

I’ve had really cool experiences for the first time. I would recommend it to everyone. You won’t regret it!

Spring 2017

“Jut do it. Never spent my money better.”

“It was one of the best experience in my life. I feel so lucky that I came.”

“Come without expectations,”

“What a trip! It’s a great occasion to make new friends, and Lapland is awesome. If you can do it, defienitely go for it!”

“It was incredible trip! Especially the husky ride which was the best experience of my short life.”

“Best days of my life! I will remember for it for my entire life!”

Autumn 2016

“A must-do when you are a student in Tallinn”

“One of the best experience in your life”

“One of my best experience! Team is perfect.”

“You have been amazing! Thank you so much.”

“Feel the freezing Lapland and make your fairy tale dream come true”

“The best trip of my Erasmus”


Spring 2016

“That was marvelous, thanks a lot.”

“Loved the sauna.”

“These days were ones of the best ever for sure. I will always remember the huskies and reindeers.”

“The best trip, amazing and totally different than others (for example to some city centre). Husky ride the best and ice hole + sauna. Organization was nice, friendly guides.”

“Group leaders are cute :)”

“Accommodation was better than in Tallinn.”

“Everything was great, thank you for it 🙂 Take really warm clothes :D”

Autumn 2015

“The travel of my life, one of my dreams to see northern lights, so… just thanks!”

“Keep it up! Wonderful journey with friends and nature!”

“I was so excited before the trip, but I could not expect a better experience. It’s something that, in my opinion, you MUST do. I don’t know enough words to express it (even in my mother language).”

“I don’t have words to describe it. Unique experience for me. Good relation price-experiences.”

“Thank you for this awesome trip. It was an amazing and unique experience even if it was really cold. I suggest everybody to make this trip. The 10 or 12 hours in the bus are horrible but it is worth it.”