Trip to Saaremaa Island

Have not visited the islands yet? Mareti invites you to visit the biggest island of Estonia – Saaremaa together with Muhu island, interesting sightseeing places on the way to the island and on the island in three days!  Mareti experienced guides will tell you all about island lifestyle and traditions. There is a lot to discover.  Join this relaxing weekend – believe us, it is the easiest way to discover these  two islands – Saaremaa and Muhu!

This trip starts by bus from Tallinn and takes us to Virtsu from where we have a short ferry ride to Muhu island. We discover the island before we arrive to Saaremaa. In Saaremaa, we will visit many different places (meteorite crater, windmills, churches, cliffs, nature, seaside) plus the capital of the island Kuressaare (and its castle and old town area). We stay two nights in a 3* SPA hotel and have visits to exciting cultural places.

Dates for Saaremaa 2021 autumn trips will be:

22.-24. October
Friday - Sunday

* The trip departs at 9am on Friday and arrives back at 7pm on Sunday.

The trips are open to everybody, so bring your friends and family with you! Places for the trips are very limited.

Price for the trip is 195€ with ESN card

We travel in safe and private group and we stay in a SPA hotel with free entrance to the SPA both evenings!

Please take a moment to read from the programme (below) or talk to students who have been to Mareti trips before how much is included in the price. And get your ESNcard for discount!

Registration to the trip is here:

Day 1, Friday
Early morning (9am), we welcome you with home-made muffins and we say goodbye to Tallinn. We drive to Virtsu and we take the ferry from here to the third biggest island of Estonia – Muhu. On the short ferry ride (around 30 minutes) you can enjoy the view and start to feel the island atmosphere. On Muhu island we drive trough the central village Liiva and go to visit the open air museum of Muhu. We’ll have picnic with hot soup, tea and some traditional cookies from Estonia here and we continue to discover the area. In the afternoon we arrive to Kuressaare, we check in to our SPA hotel and after some moments, we go to discover the capital of Saaremaa – its fortress area and the old town.  We will advise you where to find restaurant or grocery store for dinner and how to spend your free evening here. It will be also a great time to go and enjoy the SPA in our hotel!

Day 2, Saturday
After breakfast in our hotel, we start to discover Saaremaa and its most important places:  Kaali meteorite crater, Karja church, Angla windmills with inside visit to the old windmills, we go to Panga cliff and walk in the nature. We have lunch in open air and after this, we’ll drive to the other side of Saaremaa , to discover the most important lighthouse in Saaremaa – Sõrve lighthouse. By the evening we are back in Kuressaare and this is your last evening to enjoy free time in this small town.

Day 3, Sunday
On the last day, after the breakfast, we go for a nature hike in Saaremaa. After a few kilometer hike, we’ll  head to Pöide church and  ruins of Maasi castle, discover the area and enjoy some lunch before we head back towards Muhu island trough Orissaare town. We’ll have a short stop in the center of Liiva village to buy some legendary Muhu bread. In the afternoon  we take the ferry back on the mainland from where we start to drive back towards Tallinn. Arrival back home is in the evening.

Included in the price

  • Comfortable bus transportation from and to Tallinn
  • Accommodation 2 nights in a 3*SPA! hotel (rooms for 2 people) and free access to SPA!
  • Food for 3 days:
    • Breakfasts 2x
    • Lunches 3x
    • Estonian food and drinks tasting during the days
  • Visits to:
    • Muhu open air museum (inside visit with a ticket and local guide)
    • Angla windmills (inside visit with a ticket)
    • Sõrve Lighthouse (inside visit with a ticket)
    • Kuressaare castle and the museum (inside visit with a ticket)
    • City walk in Kuressaare with local guide
    • Hike in the nature with local guide
    • Kaali meteorite crater visit with local guide
    • Tour with local guide in Saaremaa
  • Help from Mareti group leader at all times (of course) + gifts

Not included in the price

  • Dinners

Travel insurance

We can be as careful as possible but things can happen. If you are at home, you are secured and safe but far from home and from the city where you study abroad, medical help can be very expensive, especially if you do not have health or travel insurance. In case something happens, the health/travel insurance covers medical costs and if necessary, trip back home. We do not compensate any of your unforeseen expenses in the event of cancellation of your failure to make your trip, lost baggage, loss of health and/or accidents. The only possibility to protect oneself from such an expense is to get a travel insurance policy.
Please prepare (you can do it online or in an agency) your travel insurance; for example here:
In case you do not want to buy an insurance, you assume sole financial liability for all direct and indirect consequences of events occurring before or during the trip.

If you have the European Health Insurance Card, take it with you! It makes sure that if something happens, you will have access to the same state-provided health care services under the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in that country. Be careful: it does NOT mean that the health care services will be free and it is not a travel insurance!


Cancelling policy

We need 40 people to make this trip happen.

After you pay for the trip you give us a clear signal that you are interested in this trip and we take care that you have a place and that you are part of the trip. We book the bus, ferry, accommodation, food, programme…
It means that:

  • 3 weeks (21 days) before the trip, there is no refund of what you have paid for the trip
  • 21 to 30 days before the trip you can get refund 50% of what you have paid for the trip
  • more than 30 days before the trip we can refund you 75% of what you have paid for the trip

Being late or missing the trip

If you are late for the trip or sleep too long in the morning and miss the daily activities, there is no refund. Who is late, misses the programme.


Saaremaa island

Is the largest island in Estonia and the main island of Saare County with 31357 inhabitants and 13276 inhabitants living in the capital called Kuressaare. The name Saaremaa means “island land” and has been inhabited from at least 5000 BCE. Saaremaa has interesting history and it is rich in nature. People come to spend holiday here and it is rather popular to have a summer cottage here. There are two ways how to go to Saaremaa – by ferry or by plane. For more information, please see here.

Muhu island and Liiva village

Muhu is the third biggest island in Estonia after Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. The population of the island is 1697 inhabitants and the area of Muhu is around 200 square kilometers. There are three important villages in Muhu – Kuivastu, Liiva and Koguva. In Pädaste, one of the most luxurious spa resorts is located with the best restaurant in Estonia. Muhu still has one working traditional windmill and for the recent year, everyone in Estonia likes to eat bread from Muhu bakery. For more information, please see from here.


Muhu (open air) Museum

Muhu Museum is in Koguva village, at the west coast of the island. It is one of the most outstanding examples of Estonian peasant architecture. It is very well preserved and our famous writer, Juhan Smuul was born here. The village has unique landscape and very special history – the peasants who lived here, were not subjected to serfdom. For more information, please see from here.


Kuresaare, the capital of Saaremaa, was formerly known as Arensburgand as Kingissepa during Soviet times. On the coat of arms of Kuressaare, we can find the medieval episcopal Kuressaare Castle with an eagle – the town has grown around the fortress. Today many festivals and events take place around the castle. Kuressaare has many restaurants and cafeterias, the center of the town is small and makes it all walking distance. The area is very well known also for its spas and resorts. For more information, please see here.

Angla windmills

These windmills are the most famous ones in Saaremaa and in Estonia. Windmills are in general typical and very characteristic for Estonian islands. These were built at the beginning of 20th century and some of them are recently completely restored. Here, you can step inside the windmill and imagine, how life was century ago. At old times, millers were important people in the village, there was a lot of life around these areas, it gave flour for bread, the most important food for Estonians and also work for local boys. For more information, please see here.

Panga Cliff

Panga Cliff is the highest of Saaremaa coastal cliffs located on the northern shore of Saaremaa. The height is up to 20 meters and the cliff is approximately 2.5km long. Great views guaranteed and this is a beloved place also by locals to come, look towards the horizon and enjoy the nature. For more information, please see here.

Sõrve Lighthouse

The first lighthouse on Sõrve Peninsula was built in the middle of 17th century – the first ever lighthouse on the island. It was then wooden. Several other constructions were built here over the centuries and by 1960, the current concrete lighthouse was built. The tower is 52 meters high, 53 meters above sea level and offers stunning views from the top. For more information, please see here.

Kaali Crater

Kaali is a group of nine meteorite craters and was created by an impact event 3500 years ago and is one of the few ones that happened in a populated area. It was and still is considered as a sacred lake. It has figured in mythology stories. According to a theory first proposed by our former president Lennart Meri, it is possible that Saaremaa was the legendary Thule island. For more information, please see from here.

Autumn 2020

It was nice, that we had enough time every day and there was no hurry and we always could enjoy the beautiful view.

I really enjoyed the trip and Ella was a lovely tour guide.

The trip was very well organized and we saw a lot this weekend.

Thank you very much!

It was really great that the weather was so good. I enjoyed the time in nature.

Amazing job from our tour guide.

The trip was excellent.

Well organized, perfect timetable, really interesting. Definitely a must have to do! Thank you very much for this trip!

I had such a great time!

Thank you so much for the great organization of this awesome trip! I really enjoyed it!

Wonderful trip! Thank you for your flexibility and the great organization.

I like to enjoy nature, what I really liked is the real/natural vibe of Kuressaare. It’s nice to spend time in that kind of local spots.

I really enjoyed the trip <3 Thank you for this nice journey!

Thank you so much for all these trips, it’s always a pleasure to go with Mareti. Hoping that there will be more trips and the sun will still follow us outside of the bus.

I love that you always ask for feedback.

Spring 2020

The trip of Spring 2020 did not take place due to the special situation

Autumn 2019

Unexpected, but great! Plus you made new friends so what are you waiting for!

I was amazed at how well we stuck to the timetable. You really know how long it takes for a group of people to do something.

I could not do it better.

Our guide knew a lot about Saaremaa and could answer all our questions. I love hiking in the nature, so I really liked most of it.

Thank you for showing us so different kind of places to visit and foods to taste!

I really enjoyed the trip with a lot of nature.

Great weather, good people, nice group leader, lots of love – like a big family.

I will definitely remember this trip.

I really recommend! Really nice trip!

Everything was well planned and every important spot was included. The guide had a huge knowledge about everything.

Trips with Mareti are always awesome. They really take care of our wellbeing and safety.

If you like being outside exploring the nature, grab your boots, this one is for you!

I recommend to new people to have a great memory with Mareti!

Very good trip with a lot of fun and discovery. It was amazing. We have not the best memories in mind. Ready for the next trip!

Very good trip for everyone, especially for those who love nature and peaceful/quiet spaces.

Very nice trip. I would recommend to others.