Registration information

We will give a presentation about the ESN Tallinn trips to Lapland and St. Petersburg just before the ESN Tallinn Movie Night starts at Coca Cola Plaza on Tuesday 01 September 2015.

You will see us and you can ask some questions straight to us!

Until we meet here are some useful information for the registration.
You will register by filling-in some information about you in a Google Form.
As the places for the trips are limited, the rule is “first arrived first served”. So if you are fast, you get a place in the main list of the trip. If you are not so fast, you can arrive into the waiting list. It depends also on the dates you choose because some are more popular than others.

But don’t give up! It is not because you are on the waiting list that you won’t go: there are always people who want to change or who cancel (until the last minute).

And remember also: register for the trips, even if you are not sure to go! At least we have your info and you have a rank in the main and waiting list. It takes only 1 min to register!

The registration of the trips to Lapland and St. Petersburg will start on Tuesday midnight 01 September 2015.

After you register, you will receive an email from us within 12 hours. Please be patient!
If you do not get any answer from us after 12 hours, please write to us.