Opening of trip to Lapland 4-B

Due to the popularity of ESN Tallinn trips to Lapland, we have decided to open the trip Lapland 4-B.

This means that there are now two buses going to Lapland for the dates 06 to 10 of December (Wed-Sun). The original trip is renamed “4-A“.

If you choose to go during the dates of Lapland 4, it is important to know that the two buses (4-A and 4-B) will not go to the same places. They will be in the same region but accommodation, reindeer, husky, sauna will at different locations. So if your friends are going with 4-A and you are in 4-B, you will not be together in Lapland! Pay attention to this when you join the trip.

The programme for the trip 4-B will include the same activities (Santa Claus village, reindeer, husky, sauna, food…) as any other trip but it may also slightly change.

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