Thank you, Spring semester 2019!

Mareti team would like to say very big AITÄH (Thank You) for this great Spring semester. We had so many different destinations to visit. We started our time together with discovering the two most powerful waterfalls in Estonia, then we went to say hello to Santa and huskies and to check out the northern lights. Before discovering more of Estonia (Rakvere, käsmu, Viru bog, Rummu and Palduski) we went to see how is life in Russia, in St.Petersbug.

In total we had six different destinations and trips for you this semester. We are happy all worked out well and we are ready to continue. We have some new ideas to discover even more of Estonia – the islands (Saaremaa and Muhu) for example.

Please know that you are always warmly welcome back to Estonia and Tallinn! Let us know when you are here and let’s meet again!

Big-warm-sunny Estonian hugs to everyone who joined our trips!

Apple tree blossoms are out!

DayTrip #3 this semester – Rummu and Paldiski, 28. April

We are happy to invite you to our third DayTrip of this semester. This trip takes us to Rummu Quarry area and Paldiski with its Pakri Lighthouse.

It is a unique opportunity to visit Rummu Quarry area with us as it is a closed area with prebooked guided visits only. With us its easy as it is all already planned. We will go inside the old prison territory, walk in the area and enter the buildings. In addition to the visit and discovering the area, we will eat hot soup, taste some sweets with warm tea and enjoy the moment by the blue water. See more from here.

To see some Rummu prison views, check out the video by Adam Walker “Faded”

After Rummu area, we will drive to Paldiski – a former closed city. We will see, what has happened and what is still there, we will walk on the limestone cliff and climb up to Pakri Lighthouse. The lighthouse is still working and functioning and the first lighthouse was built on the same spot more than 300 years ago by the rule of Peter the Great!

Join us for this 6h DayTrip on Sunday, 28. April. Register at



DayTrip to Waterfalls on 23. February, Saturday

Hello all!

We are happy you have arrived to Tallinn and are starting your semester in the Uni! To celebrate the great winter in Estonia, we have created a trip that can take place only now, in Spring semester.

It’s a DayTrip to the most important Waterfalls – Jägala and Keila-Joa!



The plan goes like this…

On 23. February, we get together in Tallinn city center and we go to see Jägala waterfall – frozen and snowy. On the way, our guide will tell you much about Estonia, its winter and our traditions. Here we’ll taste some local pastry with hot tea. After Jägala waterfall, it’s time to drive trough Tallinn (with guided tour in the bus) towards Keila-Joa waterfall. We will wonder around the waterfall area for some time and this is also a place where we will have open air lunch with soup. In the afternoon we start to dive back to Tallinn and finish the day.

Join us for just 25 euros all included trip. Get to know Mareti team and the way we do our trips:)

Create your account and be ready, the registration starts on 1. February at 10am.




Welcome to Estonia, spring semester 2019!

Mareti team is happy to see you on our webpage and we wish you a wonderful semester in your new home-country! Together with ESN Tallinn and ESN Estonia we have planned great trips for you to discover many places in and around Estonia, and of course Lapland and St.Petersburg.



We start the semester on 30. January at ESN Tallinn Movie Night at 7pm in Forum Cinemas/Coca Cola Plaza with our trips presentation and we start the registration to all the trips on 1. February at 10am.

Until then you can already create your profile in Mareti  online registration system and think about the best dates, when would you like to join our trips.

Keep yourself updated about the events of this semester through ESN Tallinn Facebook page (ESN Tallinn Autumn 2018/ Spring 2019) and about the trips trough Mareti Facebook page .

Our office is located right next door to ESN Tallinn office on Town hall square 16, Tudengimaja/Student House and you are always welcome to write us an email to!

ESN Tallinn starts office hours on Tuesday, 7. February at 6pm, we will be there as well.


Snowy welcome to all of you and we are happy you started your semester in Estonia this year!



starEST award to Mareti – Trip of the year 2018 – trip Around Estonia!

Thank you all who voted Mareti trip Around Estonia the best trip of 2018!

We are honored to receive this starEST award from ESN Estonia. This gives us even more motivation and energy to continue doing what we do and how we do! Trip Around Estonia comes again in March 2019!

Check for more information about the dates and content of this trip and all our other trips – Lapland, St.Petersburg, Around Estonia, DayTrip!

The registration to our trips starts on February 1, 2019. Until then, let us know if you have any questions ( and see you soon, because we will come to meet you at your university Orientation Days and we will tell you more about our trips at ESN Tallinn Movie Night in the end of November during ESN Tallinn Welcome Week.

Thank you for joining our trips and thank you for your votes!
This means a lot to us!

Suur aitäh!

Mareti team