New year, new season – new trips with Mareti!

Welcome to Estonia and to Tallinn!

Your amazing semester here is starting!
Amazing in many different reasons – first of all your new friends and university, events and trips, but also the fact that Estonia is celebrating its 100 anniversary this year.

As a tradition, in cooperation with ESN Tallinn, we organize great trips to three destinations –

Winter Wonderland in Lapland,

Spring in St.Petersburg (Russia),

and Around Estonia.

Check the dates and programme of all the trips and choose your favourite.

Stay tuned!Mareti team

Some feedback from last semester (Autumn 2017) trips:

THE higlhlight of my Erasmus.

Don’t even think about to not participate in this trip. It is worth every cent and you’ll keep this memories until the end of your life.

I absoloutely loved this trip! The events and people are some I will always remember!

Some students who took part of Mareti trips last semester are still in Tallinn. Get to know them and ask how did they like the trips!

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