Meet Mareti team! 

We are the ones whom you communicate with you, who plan all the smallest details to make the trips happen and most probably we are he ones who will join the trips as well! We are both former ESNers, we have both been Erasmus students and by now, we have more than 10 years of experience in planning and organizing trips. In total, we offer 10 different trip types. We love what we do! Starting from autumn 2022 we have given the floor to Timetravels and we continue our activity with guiding services.

… is the “Mar” of Mareti. She is the main organizer of all Mareti trips. She has been ESN Tallinn president and board member, and is now alumni of ESN Tallinn. She is happy to give international students a chance to visit these amazing destinations to Lapland, St. Petersburg and Estonia in the best possible way. Working countless hours on the best possible result, you can be sure that she takes care of you since your first registration for the trip until you arrive back from the trip. She even bakes chocolate muffins for the trips!

Mariane has been involved with Mareti trips since the beginning. It all grew out from being an ESNer and ESN Tallinn president – she know what was important for the students when new international students come to Estonia and how the trips should be, to fulfill all the dreams and requirements.

She is behind the planning of all the trips, communicating with partners, keeping everything running and often, being one of the goup leaders as well. Being on maternity leave gave her an opportunity to study guiding in more detail and this has given even more quality and content to all of the trips Mareti organizes. 

She is a licensed guide and  has graduated studies in tourism.

… is the “eti” of Mareti. Etienne is the IT and technology brain of Mareti and has been involved with the company since the beginning, from 2011. He is actually from Tahiti (French Polynesia) and yes it’s true, he is organizing trips to Lapland – from one extreme to another. Why so? Well, to be honest, it’s all because of Erasmus.

Etienne came to do his Erasmus studies to Tallinn in 2008 (13 years ago!) where he met his future wife and mother of his kids. Etienne has master’s degree in business administration & logistics and in cyber security. He works full time as a developer and does Mareti as his “full time hobby”. Etienne, just like other Mareti team members has been an active ESN Tallinn member for many semesters.

Besides managing Mareti IT systems, he is also one of our group leaders who has been to Lapland and St.Petersburg tens of times over the last years. This has given him a huge package of knowledge, how to handle different situations and get the best result out of it for everyone.

He is very reliable and kind person. If you go on a trip with him, you will see, he is like a good friend with whom to travel and talk

Mareti partners

Organizing high quality trips is always connected to having good relations with partners. Mareti team is happy to plan trips together with these long term and reliable partners. We cooperate with Erasmus Student Network sections in Estonia and we are part of Estonian Tourism and Travel Association. Starting from autumn 2022 Mareti continues with guiding service only.