Trip to Lapland

Crossing Polar Circlehusky ride, tons of snow and hours of sledding, hello to Santa and reindeers, hot sauna and swim in a frozen lake – these are just some of the things you will do and see during our magical trip. 

Want to do all this? Let’s go! Join us for this trip to North of Finland and collect memories of a lifetime!

Trip details

  • All trips depart from Tallinn
  • The trips are open to everybody, so bring your friends and family with you!
  • Places for the trips are limited.
  • Please see that there are visits & food included in the price!
  • Take a moment to read from the programme (below) or talk to students who have been to Timetravels trips before how much is included in the price. And get your ESNcard for discount!

Programme of the trip

Day 1
Start from Tallinn in the evening by ferry to Helsinki. From Helsinki we drive towards Lapland by bus.

Day 2
Arrival in Lapland

Afternoon activity – Santa Claus Village (2 hours)- Included Activity

Cross the Arctic circle and meet Santa Claus, elves and reindeers! Here you can also find Santa’s post office and send your greetings to your friends with a special stamp! This place is full of magic and the Christmas spirit!

16:00 Departure to Kilpisjärvi (260 km)

Sonkamuotka Souvenir Stop & Toilets

Evening – Arrival To Kilpisjärvi

Briefing and Lodging

DAY 3 – Husky (optional), Night Sauna+Swimming (optional)

Morning activity – Husky Safari (optional)

Alaskan huskies are cheerful and strong dogs who really like to pull the sledge! After a short instruction lesson, the huskies will take you for a tour through the snowy landscapes. Total Driving time is 10-20min, greatly depending on huskies speed that day.

Evening activity – Night Sauna and Swimming in the Fjords (optional)

Looking for once in a lifetime experience? Night swimming in the Arctic Ocean and sauna in Norwegian fjords is definitely one in the bucket list! The tiny Norwegian fishing village of Skibotn and the surrounding mountains makes it the perfect spot to see the breathtaking Northern lights dance.

DAY 4 – Trip to Tromsø, Snowshoe Hike (optional)

Morning activity – Arctic Ocean Tour – Included Activity

During this guided day bus tour you will learn more about the Arctic nature, three sámi cultures and visit Tromsø – one of the most famous cities in Northern Norway. You will see breathtaking landscapes: fjords, mountains, and sea views. The trip is about 340 km in total and takes about 8 hrs.

Evening activity – Snowshoe Trek to Wilderness (optional)

We will gather in the evening to experience snowshoeing – one of the oldest ways to explore the snowy region of Kilpisjarvi. After a short introduction, you will get to use a GPS device to navigate through the nightly forest. During the short 2-3 km hike in the tundra you can spot animal tracks and even see the Northern Lights, if you are lucky!

DAY 5 – Arctic Skills (optional), Snowmobile Safari (optional)

Morning activity – Snowmobile Safari (optional)

Snowmobiles are a convenient means of transport beyond the Arctic Circle. Locals use them anywhere from going to a grocery store to paying a visit to a friend who lives behind the hill. Each snowmobile is shared between 2 persons, so both can drive about 20 minutes. The route takes you to hidden places out in the wilderness. For people who have an adventure in their mind! In order to drive the snowmobile, a valid driving license is required! In case of an accident or damages to snowmobile, the driver can be liable to pay up to 900€ by credit/debit card or cash

Afternoon activity – Arctic Survival Skills (optional)

How to survive in extreme weather conditions? What happens when all of a sudden you need to stay outdoors overnight? 

During this activity, you learn basic skills of making a fire without matches, how to build a cover overnight, and practice some Ice-Fishing. Useful skills that are needed here above the Arctic Circle!

DAY 6 – Levi Day


Cabins have to be left in the same conditions as they were upon your arrival. 

Please go through the following check-list:


What do I get for the price


  • Transportation from and to Tallinn (ferry + comfortable bus with chargers, screens, toilet).
  • Accommodation (towels and bed-sheets for extra price)
  • Snacks&fruits&tea during the trip at some spots.
  • Visit of Santa Claus village and group picture.
  • Local Finnish guides on the spot.
  • Walk and hike in national park.
  • Sauna evening.
  • Sledding.
  • Help from guides at all times (of course) with games and treasure hunt.
  • Stress and hassle free trip with eating and doing all activities together.


Please see the details on Timetravels webpage.

What else?


Travelling a long way by bus is a bit different than travelling by car, plane or boat. You sit for several hours in a small swinging space with a lot of people. To make it more fun, prepare some card games, your music, take some DVDs, your pillow and some small blanket or sleeping bag and the trip is already a lot more comfortable. Our travel to Lapland is around 800km and it is over night. After every 4 hours we have a comfort stop at a gas station and everyone can stretch their legs a bit, go to restrooms, buy food/drinks…

Finland and Estonia are part of the Schengen area which means no borders between them. However there can be random checks on both sides. Therefore you should always have with you an identification document.

If you are a citizen of a country that is part of the Schengen area, your identity card from your home country or from Estonia is enough (you can also take your passport).
If you are a citizen of a country that is NOT part of the Schengen area, then you must have your passport with you. Your passport should also contain the appropriate visa/permit to travel in Europe.
More info about the countries of the Schengen area here.

We are going far North, meaning a lot colder than it is in Tallinn and most probably than in your home country. If you don’t have warm jacket, trousers or shoes, please ask your tutor or some friend who has – we are sure they can lend you something for some days. Take also gloves, hat, scarf and thick stockings to put under your jeans if you have only jeans to take with you. The best would be when you take skiing clothes. Don’t underestimate the temperature! You can check the weather in Finland here.

We can be as careful as possible but things can happen. If you are at home, you are secured and safe but far from home and from the city where you study abroad, medical help can be very expensive, especially if you do not have health or travel insurance. In case something happens, the health/travel insurance covers medical costs and if necessary, trip back home. We do not compensate any of your unforeseen expenses in the event of cancellation of your failure to make your trip, lost baggage, loss of health and/or accidents. The only possibility to protect oneself from such an expense is to get a travel insurance policy.

Please prepare (you can do it online or in an agency) your travel insurance; for example here:
In case you do not want to buy an insurance, you assume sole financial liability for all direct and indirect consequences of events occurring before or during the trip.

If you have the European Health Insurance Card, take it with you! It makes sure that if something happens, you will have access to the same state-provided health care services under the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in that country. Be careful: it does NOT mean that the health care services will be free and it is not a travel insurance!

If you are late for the trip or sleep too long in the morning and miss the daily activities, there is no refund. Who is late, misses the programme.