This page will be updated with the most frequent questions you ask us. If you have any, please write to info@mareti.ee. Do not hesitate to write to us!

Can my friends/family members come to the trips as well? Is it only for foreign/exchange students?
Everybody can join the trips: your family members, your friends (whatever their nationality is) and whoever hears about the trips.
All the trip and visits will be in English language.

Do I need to have an ESNcard to go to the trips?
No the ESNcard is not required. But it is recommended, as  you get a discount with it and you can get more discount with ESN Tallinn other events and partners.

How can I get an ESNcard?
You can make your ESNcard in ESN Tallinn office every Tuesday between 18:00-20:00 (Raekoja plats 16) or in the office of ESN TalTech IC (TalTech U01-225, office hours updated weekly on FB page). You must bring a photo of you (25x30mm) and 12€ (the cost of the card) in cash (we do not accept bank card payments).
With the ESNcard you can get cheaper places to the trips + you get cheaper entrance fee to our parties + you get discounts with our partners. For more information check https://www.esn.ee/tallinn/esn-card

Does my ESNcard work if I got it from another section than ESN Tallinn?
Yes, even if you got your ESNcard from another section or country, you can still use it to get the discount price of the trips.

Can I get the ESNcard after I pay for the trip?
Yes, you can pay for the trip with ESNcard discount and get your card afterwards. The most important is to have the ESNcard at the trip because we will ask you to show it at the beginning.

I cannot pay that much money now because my scholarship has not arrived yet. What can I do?
We can maybe find a way! Send us an email and we talk about it.

Can I change my trip number/dates I have registered to or paid for?
Yes you can, if there are available places on the trip you want to join. You can make the change from your account on our website. There is no charge to change.

Can I register to two trips of the same type (for example to two trips to Lapland)?
You cannot be in the main list of two trips of the same type. There are three types: Lapland, St. Petersburg and Around Estonia. For example, you cannot be in the main list of trip 1 and 2 to St. Petersburg at the same time.
But you can be in the main list of a trip (say to Lapland 1), and be in as many waiting lists as you want for that trip type (Lapland 2,3,4,…).

When can I register for trips to St. Petersburg and Lapland?
Check our website when the registration will be open (trip.mareti.ee).

What does the waiting list of a trip mean? Is it a priority list?
The waiting list of a trip is not a priority list. The first person on the waiting list does not have priority over others, everyone is equal. Being on the waiting list of a trip means that when a place becomes available, we inform the people in that waiting list that a place becomes available and the first one to act gets the place.

Do I have to come to the travel meeting at ESN Tallinn movie night?
Travel meeting is for getting more information about ESN Tallinn trips. Also to meet us and the people going to the same trip with you and ask all the questions related to the trips. If you cannot come, the information of the website is  all you need. Otherwise drop us an email!

How can I pay for the trips?
There are two possibilities of payment for the trips: by cash by coming to the ESN Office (you will know the available times after you register to a trip), or by bank transfer (easiest way).
We do not accept bank card payments sorry.

Can I pay for all my trips in one bank transfer or should it be one bank transfer per trip?
You can pay for several trips in one bank transfer.

It is not easy for me to pay by bank transfer because I do not have a European bank account, how can I do it?
There are solutions to that:

  • ask a friend who has a european bank account to make the transfer for you and you give your friend cash money
  • you can exchange and send money using a service like TransferWise
  • you can give cash to the post office and tell them to send the money to our bank account

Do I need a passport to go to Russia or my identity card is enough to enter Russia?
Traveling to Russia is not as easy as traveling inside Europe. To go to Russia you cross a real frontier (you will see!). So you need your valid passport. Your identity card is not enough to enter Russia. Contact your consulate or embassy if you need to make a passport.

Can I stay in Russia after the end of the trip?
Yes it is possible, you can join our group directly in Russia and then you continue your journey on your side.
Or, you come with us by bus, but you will have to cross the border by foot and we pick you up on Russian side.

Where and how much to exchange money to go to Russia?
Russian’s currency is the Ruble. Exchange some money in Estonia before the trip (like 30€) but most of it in Russia as the rate is better there. You can exchange money in Tallinn in banks, Tavid or some currency shops in Viru Keskus (compare the prices).

I do not have an ISIC card… Can I get one?
If you study in Tallinn, yes you can get one easily from SEB and Swedbank banks. They can provide you with an ISIC bank card. Check their website for more information (in English).

Do I need to bring bed-sheets and towel to the trips?
Bed-sheets and towels are provided during trips (St. Petersburg, Lapland and Around Estonia). But you must take a towel for Lapland for the last evening after sauna because we will not come back to the accommodation.

How is the weather in Lapland?
You can find very good information about Finnish weather in English here: http://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi.

How is the weather in St. Petersburg?
The weather in St. Petersburg is basically the same as in Tallinn. Check on internet the exact local weather though.

Is there  a minimum number of people needed to make a trip happen?
The minimum number of people is 40.

Can my dog/animal come to the trip with me?
Although we like animals, we cannot accept them sorry. It is hard to manage for us and the consequences during the trip can greatly vary.

Is it possible to see Auroras (also called Northern lights) in Lapland?
Yes it is possible but we cannot guarantee it (obviously). If you want to keep an eye on this subject, we suggest these websites: http://www.gi.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast and http://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi//northern-lights