DayTrip to Waterfalls

It’s a DayTrip to the most important Waterfalls – Jägala and Keila-Joa and an informative bus tour in Tallinn to get to know your new hometown!



The plan goes like this…

We get together in Tallinn city center in the morning and we go to see Jägala waterfall. As it is not freezing cold yet, we will still check these places out as the nature and the waterfalls are beautiful at any time of the year. On the way, our guide will tell you much about Estonia, its seasons and our traditions. Here we’ll taste some local pastry with hot tea. After Jägala waterfall, it’s time to drive trough Tallinn (with guided tour in the bus) towards Keila-Joa waterfall. We will wonder around the waterfall area for some time and this is also a place where we will have open air lunch with soup with dessert. In the afternoon we start to dive back to Tallinn and finish the day.

Trip to Waterfalls will take place in the end of September 2020. The date will be announced in August.

Plan of the day:

  • 10am departure from Tallinn
  • Stop at the Song Festival grounds (15min)
  • Drive trough the city to Jägala Waterfall (45min)
  • Jägala Waterfall visit (45min)
  • Tea and cookies break at the waterfall (15min)
  • Drive back towards Tallinn (1h)
  • City tour in Tallinn
  • Drive towards Keila-Joa waterfall (45min)
  • Keila-Joa waterfall and area visit (45min)
  • Lunch in open air (30min)
  • Departure to Tallinn (1h)
  • 4pm arrival to Tallinn

Join us for this all included trip.
Price for the trip will be announced in August.
Get to know Mareti team and the way we do our trips:)


Feedback from Autumn 2019

It was amazing! It is not about how tall the waterfall was or how beautiful the nature was (it was stunning by the way), it is about the spirit, vibe, dedication and organization what this trip had. I cannot wait to join other trips with amazing representatives of Mareti. Thank you and good wishes!

Thank you! I really love the trip. You are an amazing guide!

Waterfalls were awesome and food super typical and good! Thank you so much for the trip. The guide made this trip super special through her lovely manner.

It has been a beautiful and well-organized trip and today’s weather helped a lot. I feel as I’m a little bit more Estonian, getting in touch with autumns nature and knowing more about the culture. You’re doing a great job and I cannot wait for the other trips. Thanks!

It was nice to see a little bit more from the country and to come to places that we normally would not see. The waterfalls were a good impression of the Estonian country.

The trip leader was very nice, and her talking was interesting. Nature was beautiful and I appreciate vegan options. It was very thoughtful. Thank you!

It was really nice trip! Cozy, family like atmosphere. Keep up with good work! I like that we get to know traditional things from native Estonian.

Every place we visited today was breathtakingly beautiful. All of the food was really delicious, so thank you for this trip. I really enjoyed. I make sure to visit these places again.

Thank you so much for this nice trip and telling us super interesting facts. The nature was also really impressive and beautiful.

Very enjoyable and well organized. Thank you for the experience.

I loved our guide and her interesting comments. I’m really happy with this warm-up first trip.

I really like the trip. Especially the second waterfall.

I really enjoyed the trip. The weather was surprisingly sunny, we tasted Estonian food and the waterfalls seemed to be very nice even they are not too high.

It was really nice and well organized., our guide was really cure and well prepared.

I liked the trip so much. It was well organized; the places were interesting and beautiful and dishes delicious.

First of all, thank you for the trip. the second waterfall ware more beautiful and I really liked as well that you told us so much about Tallinn – it was very interesting and now I know many new places where to go. So, thank you!

It was a very beautiful trip and I appreciated that you also have shown some interesting places in Tallinn.

It was a really nice trip with the perfect mix of walking and watching the waterfalls and sitting in the bus and making a tour around Tallinn.

I’ve learnt a lot. Don’t change anything! It was great with the sunny weather.

Good price according to activity. Nice timing. I liked the info and statistics. Looking forward to the other trips.

I really enjoyed the trip. Not only for what we have visited but also what we have seen from the bus – typical Estonian landscape and we have tasted also some typical Estonian dishes.

I want to tell you that for me it was an amazing experience to get so close to one of the biggest characteristics about Estonia – the nature.

Feedback from Spring 2019

Just thanks! Merci!

It was absolutely amazing, way better than I imagined! Not even the waterfalls, but the whole day was well planned and organized. I got a lot of information about the culture, gastronomy and traditions. Thank you, guys! Keep up this good work.

Great view, very interesting tour inside Tallinn. The waterfalls were amazing, and the commentary was very interesting. Thanks a lot!

Really nice daytrip and good to hear more information about Tallinn in the bus.

All was beautiful! Many thanks to guides, you’re so cool! Thank you so much!

Really cool trip! Worth for the money! Everything as perfect!

I really enjoyed it! Thank you! Very well organized.

Thanks for the tips for the Independence Day! And it was great- the food and the places were amazing!

The trip was very nice. It was nice to try some local food and the trip around the city was interesting.

All stories what we heard were very nice. I like your countryside!

Very nice trip with good information all along the road. Also, the staff is good and made me happy.

Great trip and great people. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this trip. Especially the comments! Thank you!

Awesome waterfalls, interesting information, lovely people.

I really enjoyed this trip. Also learned a lot about Tallinn which I didn’t expect. Very nice guides!

Love the both guides and thank you for the gift. Thank you for the nice experience at the waterfalls and the picnic.

I really liked the tour around Tallinn. I learned a lot. Thank you for this lovely time.

As usual, the guides are so nice. It’s a pleasure to be considered and really interesting to have more information about Tallinn. Thank you. It was my last trip with ESN and I really liked all the trips (Rakvere, Around Estonia, St. Petersburg and Lapland).

I liked it a lot! The trip was really well organized, and the guide knew incredibly lot about everything, it was really interesting. The food was also great!

Really loved the trp. The city tour was a great thing and the tour guides perfect. Thank you for the great day!

I hope to be part of more Mareti trips. Very nice trip. Keep it up!

I learned so many things! Awesome and wonderful trip. The tour guide is super friendly. Keep up the good spirit and continue the same.

It was a really nice day. The trip was well prepared, exciting and tasty. Definitely worth the money. Now I’m really excited about the next Mareti trips. Thank you!

As usual, thanks for vegan food! The information was interesting. Thanks for all explanations!

I really liked that we were introduced to so many things from shopping centers to museums along the way. It was a fun and interesting trip.