DayTrip to Waterfalls

It’s a DayTrip to two out of three biggest Waterfalls in Estonia – Jägala waterfall and Keila-Joa waterfall. In addition, we will give you an informative bus tour in Tallinn to get to know your new hometown!

We get together in Tallinn city center in the morning. First, we go to see Jägala waterfall. The waterfalls are nice to see at any time of the year and let us see how the view looks like during our trip.

While enjoying the moment at this waterfall, we are happy to introduce to you some local pastries with home-garden herbal tea. When the time is right, we start to drive towards Keila-Joa waterfall and now it is time to relax in the bus, look out from the window and get to know your new hometown because we are going to give you an informative and useful bus tour in Tallinn.

Keila-Joa waterfall welcomes us with sounds of falling water. The hiking path next to the river is waiting and here you will enjoy the views together with lunch. For dessert, we will prepare something traditional. You will hear all the details from us what and how and why we prepare and eat it!

During the day we will tell you a lot about Estonia, its seasons and our traditions, so by the end of this DayTrip, you are on the way becoming an expert of Estonia and Estonians.

We finish the trip in the afternoon at the same place where we started it.


Our next trip to Waterfalls will take place on Sunday, 19. September, 2021!

Plan of the day:

  • 10am departure from Tallinn
  • Drive by the Song Festival grounds
  • Drive trough the city to Jägala Waterfall (45min)
  • Jägala Waterfall visit (45min)
  • Tea and cookies break at the waterfall (15min)
  • Drive back towards Tallinn (1h)
  • City tour in Tallinn
  • Drive towards Keila-Joa waterfall (45min)
  • Keila-Joa waterfall and area visit (1h)
  • Lunch in open air (30min)
  • Departure to Tallinn (1h)
  • 4pm arrival to Tallinn

Join us for this all included trip.

Get to know Mareti team and the way we do our trips:)

Price for this all included trip is 40€ with ESN card.

Departure at 10am and arrival back at 4pm.


Feedback from Autumn 2020

I liked the trip very much!

Nice trip & good organization.

The trip was great!!

The food is really delicious! Thanks for the introduction of Estonian taste.

I liked the trip very much. It was a great view at both waterfalls. It was a long sitting in the bus but it was worth it.

I really enjoyed the trip a lot. I loved the food, especially the tea, the Narva cookies, the borsch soup, and that we could make our own sandwiches. I also like that you can tell so many things about Estonia. Thank you very much!

The trip was really great. Learned a lot of things and heard about many addresses to visit during my Erasmus. Glad to have been able to taste traditional Estonian food. Thank you!

Thank you for the nice trip. It has been a lovely day! Looking forward to seeing the frozen waterfalls. Thank you for the great organization. Especially the food.

Amazing snacks and lunch. Well organized. Nice spots. Thank you!!

It was a wonderful trip again. Really looking forward to the next one! You organize these trips with so much passion and have an eye for details. Thanks a lot!

Very good trip, food and guide was great!

Great! Really enjoyed the Waterfall Trip and also the city tour around the Tallinn Districts. Thanks.

It was a great trip. Thank you so much!
That was a really nice trip with a very interesting commentary and a really good meal!

I liked how Mariane explained a lot about the different districts in Tallinn. I liked the bread with jam and whipped cream, always nice to know about some Estonian cultural/traditional stuff. Aitäh!!!

Thank you for a good trip. I especially enjoyed the borš. Very informative about Estonia and it’s culture.

It was great! Suur aitäh!
It was really cool. I liked the city tour when driving to the 2nd waterfall.

Great trip also gives pretty nice information while driving the bus. Lovely snacks.

The waterfalls were so cute. It was amazing. The staff members are really kind and they pay attention to our needs. Just great! Thank you!

This trip was really cool. Always a pleasure to discover more about Tallinn and Estonia history and culture. A great way to make new friends too. Thanks a lot for the amazing food!

Really nice trip! The waterfalls were very beautiful. The forest was worth it, very peaceful. Excellent trip!

I enjoyed the trip, Thank you! Very good explanations, especially on the Tallinn tour.

Keila waterfalls are really nice.

Feedback from Spring 2020

Good organization of the trip, loved the the food was home made and typically Estonian.

The waterfalls were really beautiful. Food and the guide were also amazing. I don’t normally enjoy informative city bus tour, but this one was really good. The guide had full attention all the time.

Super cool, relaxing, not stressing, nice balance between explanation and self exploring. Would do it again!

It was really nice and informative. Food was great, personally that was the first time I tasted those cookies, soup and bun. So thanks for making us part of Estonia.

It is a very nice trip like all Mareti trips! We enjoyed the sights and the food! Thanks so much!

Very nice idea to get everyone together without having to plan it yourself. Food also great, don’t stop doing this!

Very nice day! I just hope that every trip with MARETI is like today. Comfortable, interesting… Just cool! Thank you 😀

Thanks for the well-organized trip! Good information, lots of things to see. Good timing!

Overall a beautiful trip, they put a lot of attention in little details.

It was really nice! Waterfalls are beautiful and I’ve learnt many things concerning Tallinn. Thank you!

It was good/fun. Good local food.

It was very nice, a good opportunity to meet new people + good food.

I think the trip was really interesting! The waterfalls were so beautiful, and I love that you prepared all that food for us! Definitely going to take some more trips!!!

It was a really nice trip even if the waterfalls were not frozen.

I was really good that we had the possibility to taste some local foods!

A very good and nice trip to discover Tallinn. Delicious food/activities/speech.

The trip was really comfortable. You have to organize nothing and booking is really quick and easy. I really enjoyed my time.

I like everything on this trip. The food was very nice! Thank you, great team!

It was a really great trip, besides, the waterfalls (which were obviously cool), good with all the information in the bus, and the food was so good!! Loved the soup. No complains!

Everything was nice. All the food, tour guide and smiley faces… Thank you for this trip.

It was a very nice day! There is nothing you could make better!

Waterfalls look awesome! A lot of info during the ride in Tallinn. I liked that we went through Kalamaja area and other less known places in Tallinn. Lunch was great!

It was pretty nice, so much new information and impressions.

The trip was interesting and the waterfalls spots beautiful.

It was exactly what I expected for this trip, calm, relaxing and a good way to discover beauty of Estonia nature. Thank you.

The trip was well planned. Stopping at the song festival grounds was also good, we could connect more with the movie. Snacks were also good, didn’t feel hungry even once. Hope that I can travel with you again!

Hey! The guide is so good! Really good information and dynamic, and useful. I really appreciate this work. The spots were so nice, specially the first one. The food was delicious. The soup hmmmm!! And really good point the tea! Thank you! All Mareti stuff is so kind and nice!

Interesting explanations, tasty food, beautiful landscape. Thank you!

It was really amazing to join you on this time.

Just when I thought you couldn’t improve any further, the muffins got even better!

The trip was great and I am looking forward to the next ones!

I like the trip, the food and the people.

Good food, everything was fine, interesting information.

Great trip, especially the food tasting.

I lived it! The food was delicious and nice that it was hot soup and tea. I loved the tour and the information given. Can’t wait to join other trips!

Great trip! Nice food! Good organization! Very nice day!

Food was very tasty, love the nature!

Everything was awesome.

Very nice trip.

Nice spots and delicious food. Liked the hiking in the end very much! Information about Tallinn and Tallinn city tour were very helpful.

It was a good trip, very interesting!

The trip was amazingly executed. I really enjoyed it!

Feedback from Autumn 2019

It was amazing! It is not about how tall the waterfall was or how beautiful the nature was (it was stunning by the way), it is about the spirit, vibe, dedication and organization what this trip had. I cannot wait to join other trips with amazing representatives of Mareti. Thank you and good wishes!

Thank you! I really love the trip. You are an amazing guide!

Waterfalls were awesome and food super typical and good! Thank you so much for the trip. The guide made this trip super special through her lovely manner.

It has been a beautiful and well-organized trip and today’s weather helped a lot. I feel as I’m a little bit more Estonian, getting in touch with autumns nature and knowing more about the culture. You’re doing a great job and I cannot wait for the other trips. Thanks!

It was nice to see a little bit more from the country and to come to places that we normally would not see. The waterfalls were a good impression of the Estonian country.

The trip leader was very nice, and her talking was interesting. Nature was beautiful and I appreciate vegan options. It was very thoughtful. Thank you!

It was really nice trip! Cozy, family like atmosphere. Keep up with good work! I like that we get to know traditional things from native Estonian.

Every place we visited today was breathtakingly beautiful. All of the food was really delicious, so thank you for this trip. I really enjoyed. I make sure to visit these places again.

Thank you so much for this nice trip and telling us super interesting facts. The nature was also really impressive and beautiful.

Very enjoyable and well organized. Thank you for the experience.

I loved our guide and her interesting comments. I’m really happy with this warm-up first trip.

I really like the trip. Especially the second waterfall.

I really enjoyed the trip. The weather was surprisingly sunny, we tasted Estonian food and the waterfalls seemed to be very nice even they are not too high.

It was really nice and well organized., our guide was really cure and well prepared.

I liked the trip so much. It was well organized; the places were interesting and beautiful and dishes delicious.

First of all, thank you for the trip. the second waterfall ware more beautiful and I really liked as well that you told us so much about Tallinn – it was very interesting and now I know many new places where to go. So, thank you!

It was a very beautiful trip and I appreciated that you also have shown some interesting places in Tallinn.

It was a really nice trip with the perfect mix of walking and watching the waterfalls and sitting in the bus and making a tour around Tallinn.

I’ve learnt a lot. Don’t change anything! It was great with the sunny weather.

Good price according to activity. Nice timing. I liked the info and statistics. Looking forward to the other trips.

I really enjoyed the trip. Not only for what we have visited but also what we have seen from the bus – typical Estonian landscape and we have tasted also some typical Estonian dishes.

I want to tell you that for me it was an amazing experience to get so close to one of the biggest characteristics about Estonia – the nature.

Feedback from Spring 2019

Just thanks! Merci!

It was absolutely amazing, way better than I imagined! Not even the waterfalls, but the whole day was well planned and organized. I got a lot of information about the culture, gastronomy and traditions. Thank you, guys! Keep up this good work.

Great view, very interesting tour inside Tallinn. The waterfalls were amazing, and the commentary was very interesting. Thanks a lot!

Really nice daytrip and good to hear more information about Tallinn in the bus.

All was beautiful! Many thanks to guides, you’re so cool! Thank you so much!

Really cool trip! Worth for the money! Everything as perfect!

I really enjoyed it! Thank you! Very well organized.

Thanks for the tips for the Independence Day! And it was great- the food and the places were amazing!

The trip was very nice. It was nice to try some local food and the trip around the city was interesting.

All stories what we heard were very nice. I like your countryside!

Very nice trip with good information all along the road. Also, the staff is good and made me happy.

Great trip and great people. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this trip. Especially the comments! Thank you!

Awesome waterfalls, interesting information, lovely people.

I really enjoyed this trip. Also learned a lot about Tallinn which I didn’t expect. Very nice guides!

Love the both guides and thank you for the gift. Thank you for the nice experience at the waterfalls and the picnic.

I really liked the tour around Tallinn. I learned a lot. Thank you for this lovely time.

As usual, the guides are so nice. It’s a pleasure to be considered and really interesting to have more information about Tallinn. Thank you. It was my last trip with ESN and I really liked all the trips (Rakvere, Around Estonia, St. Petersburg and Lapland).

I liked it a lot! The trip was really well organized, and the guide knew incredibly lot about everything, it was really interesting. The food was also great!

Really loved the trp. The city tour was a great thing and the tour guides perfect. Thank you for the great day!

I hope to be part of more Mareti trips. Very nice trip. Keep it up!

I learned so many things! Awesome and wonderful trip. The tour guide is super friendly. Keep up the good spirit and continue the same.

It was a really nice day. The trip was well prepared, exciting and tasty. Definitely worth the money. Now I’m really excited about the next Mareti trips. Thank you!

As usual, thanks for vegan food! The information was interesting. Thanks for all explanations!

I really liked that we were introduced to so many things from shopping centers to museums along the way. It was a fun and interesting trip.