DayTrip to Waterfalls on 23. February, Saturday

Hello all!

We are happy you have arrived to Tallinn and are starting your semester in the Uni! To celebrate the great winter in Estonia, we have created a trip that can take place only now, in Spring semester.

It’s a DayTrip to the most important Waterfalls – Jägala and Keila-Joa!



The plan goes like this…

On 23. February, we get together in Tallinn city center and we go to see Jägala waterfall – frozen and snowy. On the way, our guide will tell you much about Estonia, its winter and our traditions. Here we’ll taste some local pastry with hot tea. After Jägala waterfall, it’s time to drive trough Tallinn (with guided tour in the bus) towards Keila-Joa waterfall. We will wonder around the waterfall area for some time and this is also a place where we will have open air lunch with soup. In the afternoon we start to dive back to Tallinn and finish the day.

Join us for just 25 euros all included trip. Get to know Mareti team and the way we do our trips:)

Create your account and be ready, the registration starts on 1. February at 10am.