DayTrip to Virumaa

An amazing 10h DayTrip to discover more of your new home-country Estonia – Rakvere medieval fortress, Käsmu maritime museum, Oandu beaver trail and famous Viru bog!

We have prepared a great day full of activities for you!

We start the day in the morning with something special for breakfast in the bus and we hit the road towards Rakvere, a small town 100km from Tallinn. In Rakvere, we will visit the medieval fortress.

Together with the fortress guide we will have an opportunity to practice for knights battles, mix gunpowder, see&hear the cannon shot, visit torture chamber and the hell.

After all this, it is time to relax in the bus for a moment and see the city of Rakver by bus tour and to eat our lunch in open air.

Our next stop brings us to Käsmu – a small fishermen village with a very special museum – very well know Käsmu Maritime museum. A place that shows the life of this small village, life of sailors and boat construction tools and methods.  After some history and chat with the charismatic owner, we will continue to drive by Sagadi and Palmse manor houses.

There are two more things to see and visit in this area during our DayTrip – Oandu beaver trail and Viru bog in Lahemaa national park. These visits will bring us to wild nature and first, we are going to see, how beavers live and what they can cause with their lifestyle. during the walk we shall spot some wild berries, mushrooms and moss on the way. We will explain you how locals pick these crops and store over winter.

A must-visit place for everyone in Estonia is Viru bog. It is popular among locals and also visitors of Estonia and this is where we head next. 11% of Estonia is covered by bogs and these places are nice to see no matter the time of year or if there is sunshine or heavy rain. So let us check out, how does it look like during our trip…

After the hike, it is time for hot home-garden herbal tea and Estonian snacks to enjoy before we arrive back home in the evening.

As true fans of Estonia, your local group leaders are happy to show you their home-country, tell you many stories about locals and the country.

This trip is also a great way to meet new people, even if you don’t know anyone yet… join our trip and you will know at least 40 people more.

Trip to Virumaa will take place in Spring, 2022!

Plan of the day:

  • 9am departure from Tallinn
  • Drive trough the city to Rakvere (1.5h)
  • Rakvere fortress tour + activities (2h)
  • City round by bus in Rakvere (30min)
  • Lunch in open air (30min)
  • Drive to Oandu beaver trail (30min)
  • Hike on the beaver trail (30min)
  • Drive to Käsmu maritime museum (30min)
  • Käsmu maritime museum visit (1h)
  • Drive to Viru bog (30min)
  • Viru bog hike (1h15min)
  • Tea and snackpause (15min)
  • Departure to Tallinn (1h)
  • 7pm arrival to Tallinn

Great way to enjoy a long day in the countryside with food and visits included!

We travel in small and safe and very private group. The bus and visits are booked only for our group.

Departure at 9am and arrival back at 7pm.

Feedback from Autumn 2020

What a good trip! I really enjoyed that, especially medieval castle. I had a real feeling of medieval times.

Really friendly people, I loved everything about the trip. Thanks for organizing this amazing trip.

Great organization, explanation and food. I really enjoyed the hikes. Thank you for the trip!

I really enjoyed the hikes, the nature is really beautiful. The fortress was also nice.

The Viru bog trip was very well organized. The both guides are very helpful and know a lot about Estonia.

Great experience was worth every cent. Looking forward to new trips!

I liked the walk through Viru bog.

Thank you! Every trip we took with you was great! <3

Very nice trip! Thank you!

I really liked that trip. I will come back

It was revitalizing, especially the hiking in the forest.

This day trip was enriching. The view was beautiful.

Really good organization of the trip! Amazing opportunity to see many places in just one day. Great food, people, interesting facts and the beautiful country that you showed us. Thank you!

The trip was well organized. I really enjoyed it! Thank you for the whole trip!

Very nice, love it!

It was very nice to discover the countryside of Estonia, so many memories! Thanks a lot!

Had a great time and met new fun people!

All in all a good trip!

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip. Visiting the castle was probably the highlight since the guide did a really good job. The nature was amazing!

I loved the trip very much and I loved the food very much. Thank you for the great trip!

I liked the trip, it was a good opportunity to meet other people and I think the part in the swamp is the best part!

The hike and Viru bog were super! Thank you! Your organization was perfect!

The trip was enriching. The organization was very good! Thank you very much for everything.

I really enjoyed the whole trip! My favorites were the last two destinations in nature and the delicious soups.

I really enjoyed this trip! The sights/places we were are very suitable for a daytrip like this one! Thank you!

Thank you very much for the trip! That was amazing and I learned lots of things and want to go on more trips with you.

It was great, please keep it up!

Tere. You are so great! I am really glad I could visit all of the amazing places with you . This day was super-duper! THANK YOU!

Love it!!! Looking forward to meeting you again!

Feedback from Autumn 2020

The trip of Spring 2020 did not take place due to the special situation

Feedback from Autumn 2019

Totally recommended.

I love the activities. Good mixture of nature and culture. Best tour guides!

The whole day was really nice. Thank you! I really liked that we had the choice to see this much and so many faces of Estonia. Also, thank you for the food!

The trip was amazing! I really enjoyed it!

The trip was wonderful! Good choice of sites/sights – nature and castle.

For me the trip was perfect! I absolutely loved the nature places and also really enjoyed Rakvere fortress with the guided tours, the activities, the food. There is nothing to improve.

Really an awesome trip. I enjoyed the castle and beach side. I will really miss this kind of trip.

Everything was perfect! I relly enjoyed walking in Viru bog and visiting Rakvere castle. Thanks to the perfect guides!

I very much enjoyed Rakvere and Viru bog, these two were my favorites.

Amazing trip with amazing weather. Definitely worth it!

It was a relaxing trip that allowed me to discover beautiful places. I really liked Viru bog an Käsmu museum.

It was amazing. The places and views, the castle tour and the general guide and explanations.

I loved this and all the other trips. Thank you for everything! You are amazing!

As always, I enjoyed being accompanied and guided by you. Super interesting facts about Estonia and its cultural background. Thank you also for the delicious food, snacks and tea! I already recommended your trips to all my friends and I hope you can continue doing Mareti travels. I truly had awesome time thanks to you! Thank you!

The organization was very good! Very interesting information about the sightseeing points.

I really like the organization of this trip. You take care for everything – breakfast, sightseeing, lunch, tea… I was really enjoying the trip: nature, castle, museum!

Feedback from Spring 2019

I loved it! Thank you for allowing us to come to small villages, castles and natural areas that few foreigners get to see.

Every place we visited was so beautiful. I feel so fresh!

There is a lot I would like to tell you. I really liked your organization, the good atmosphere, the lovely prepared food… I think we got so much for a very good price – so thank you very much! Thanks also for the very good information about food and culture.

That was a great trip. I liked it very much. Gathering so many young people from different countries is a wonderful way to practice English and enjoy the trip more. I liked that the trip lasted from morning till evening.

I enjoyed the trip because we managed to see places that I probably wouldn’t have visited by myself. You have been really nice, and I appreciated all the info you gave us while we were traveling.

Please make these trips more than once a semester!

I had an amazing day. I loved the breakfast muffins and all of the trip stops. Rakvere castle was my favorite part.

It was a very nice trip. The food was good, and the atmosphere was great. We saw a lot in just one day. Keep doing those amazing trips!

Perfect day!

Great tour. Thanks for this experience! I liked also the information in the bus while driving!

I really enjoyed this trip. It was interesting and also a good opportunity to meet new people.

The trip was nice. I’ve enjoyed all the activities. A nice day spent in a beautiful part of Estonia.

I really liked the museum on the sea and also the other activities. Nice job.

It was a fun day. Definitely not something I would organize myself. Also, I really liked the information that is said to us on the bus – about the places visited, including Tallinn.

I really enjoyed the trip. I was able to see a lot of different things today.

Great trip, interesting places. Thank you!

I really enjoyed the commentary during the bus rides. Thank you for organizing this trip.

It was a really nice trip, well planned and also the food which was offered was good. And the self-made muffins!

Even though the trip was planned on quite a busy schedule, it was really enjoyable thanks to great people, interesting information and amazing weather. I really enjoyed being outside in nature and getting to know more about Estonia! Aitäh!

Great trip, so much to see in one day. I enjoyed this day a lot. Thank you!

It was very well organized, the places were interesting, the dishes were delicious. Thanks!

I had a lot of fun today. All of the views were incredible and beautiful. Loved the chocolate muffins and oatmeal cookies.

Very good organization. I enjoyed the meals and snacks. It was a really nice trip.

It was a nice mixture of nature and buildings. It allowed both, to have some physical activity and to stay and admire.

I’m so happy to explore Estonia one more time. We are really so happy to join your trips. They are full of adventures and we are very excited for our next trip.

Feedback from Autumn 2018

The best experience you could make as an exchange student in Estonia!

A full planned day with so many things to do. Totally worth the money and time!

Thank you! Very good first trip! Thank you for your kindness.

A great trip that makes you feel more like a real Estonian.

If you want to see something different than just city sights, you definitely have to go to this trip.

It was really funny and good mood even when it was raining – don’t be afraid of the weather!

A good way to know more about Estonia and meet new friends!

Worth it! Had a fantastic time. I really recommend it!

Do it! You would not regret it!

I would do it again! Beautiful nature and worth the money.

It gives a good feeling about the country.

A well-planned trip through the nature of Estonia.

Very interesting to get closer to the Estonian culture. Recommended for nature lovers. Perfect work of group leaders.

A must discover nice places in Estonia. Very well organized and very adventurous day.

Mareti group leaders make an amazing job!

Thank you, it was really nice! Absolutely worth it!

I really recommend this trip. You will not regret if you register to this trip.

A day full of activities and great moments. It was really a perfect trip. There you can see something from Estonia landscape.