DayTrip to Rummu and Paldiski

We are happy to invite you for a 7h DayTrip to Rummu prison and quarry, and Paldiski with Pakri lighthouse. These are great alternative places to see and discover in Estonia.

Rummu quarry a former mining site for Vasalemma marble (a kind of limestone). Most of the work was done by prisoners in Murru prison in Rummu. When the prison was closed, pumps that kept the quarry dry were shut down. The groundwater flooded the area quickly, so that the mining machines, buildings, trees and other equipment is now under water. It is a unique museum as the water is so transparent and looks like lagoon.

The prison and quarry area are located on closed territory and is open only for guided tours.

We will have the opportunity to visit the area and go inside the old prison buildings, corridors and rooms with the local guide.

We will have picnic there by the beach before we continue the day.

In addition, to complete the DayTrip, we will go and discover Paldiski at Pakri peninsula. Paldiski was a Soviet Navy nuclear submarine training center. It gave work to 16,000 people, and, it was the largest such facility in the Soviet Union with two land-based nuclear reactors. The whole city was closed off because of its importance with barbed wire until the last Russian warship left in August 1994. Here we will see the town, limestone cliff, lighthouse and nature.
Right next to Paldiski, at Pakri peninsula, there is the highest working lighthouse in Estonia and we are going to visit it and climb up 275 steps!

Right next to the lighthouse, we can sport the old lighthouse that was build under the rule of Peter the Great in the beginning of 20th century.

To see real Rummu prison views, check out the video by Alan Walker “Faded” or LINDEMANN “Knebel”

Trip to Rummu prison will take place on Saturday, 18. September, 2021!

Plan of the day:

  • 10am departure from Tallinn
  • Drive trough the city to Rummu (1h)
  • Rummu prison tour (1.5h)
  • Discovering Rummu quarry area – lake and the hill (1h)
  • Lunch in open air (45min)
  • Drive to Paldiski (30min)
  • Visiting Pakri lighthouse (1h)
  • Drive trough small streets of Paldiski (15min)
  • Departure to Tallinn (1h)
  • 5pm arrival to Tallinn

This is a great way to enjoy a long day in the alternative areas of Estonia with food, guided tour in Rummu and Pakri Lighthouse ticket included!

We travel in small and safe and very private group. The tour is booked only for our group and we have our own individual guide in the prison.

Join us for this all included trip.

Price for this all included trip is 65€ with ESN card.

Departure at 10am and arrival back at 5pm.

Feedback from Autumn 2020

Very good organization, very nice guides, good food, enough time for pictures + eating. Perfect opportunity to meet people!

Great fun, good time.

I really enjoyed! Just wanted to dive into the water.

It was good! Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for the trip.

It was a very nice trip. Learned many new things from the guide about the places. It was also well organized.

Very good trip! Thank you very much!

It was an amazing trip! Thank you for letting us discover a part of Estonians history.

It was a really nice time! It was cool to discover the prison and everything..

Very nice organized trip with beautiful different stations of the landscape and buildings. Last but not the least – very interesting facts about the prison.

Very interesting trip, i really liked the soup and it was quite a special experience to see the prison and the cliffs.

Best view in Rummu quarry & super interesting visit at the prison. BRAVO.

It was really nice, thank you guys for organizing these kinds of trips.

I really liked the trip. Everybody from the Mareti team is very friendly and helpful. I look forward to see you again.

The prison tour was really interesting.

It was a really nice trip! Thank you <3

Though the weather is really typical “Estonian”, thanks for the high spirit and fascinating introduction on the sites!

Nice trip & very nice team! Totally recommend it!

Feedback from Spring 2020

The trip of Spring 2020 did not take place due to the special situation

Feedback from Autumn 2019

It was awesome! Thanks for everything. I’m looking forward to the next trips! It was organized very well!

I had a great day! Very cool trip! The guides were very good and the stories very interesting.

I found that it was a very cool trip. Rummu prison was creepy but interesting and the landscapes around the prison were beautiful. Thank you for the trip and can’t wait for Lapland!

It was good to have the stories from a woman who has worked in the prison.

It was a nice trip to visit something unusual and that maybe I will have never visited alone.

I really liked the fact that the food was provided by the group leaders and I also loved the fact that they gave me opportunity to visit such an interesting and unusual place like Rummu quarry and the prison.

I really liked the trip. It was nice that we had the possibility to discover some places on our own. The food was very delicious!

Really good organization and I liked that we could explore the prison area and quarry independently.

I liked the way of organization! To get everything in time and always have some time to explore on our own.

There is nothing I would have done differently. Interesting and fun and the lunch was tasty. Well done and thank you!

Well organized, fun, loved it! The tour through the prison was very interesting, our group leader and the prison-woman did a great job!

Amazing trip, nice guides and interesting visits. Homemade cookies were very tasty. Can’t wait to participate to the other trips.

The trip was amazing and very interesting. The prison guide was great and Mareti guide was funny and very kind. Thank you so much and I’m excited for the next trips.

The trip to Rummu is perfect!

I really enjoyed the trip. So far it is my favorite. I think it is very well organized and very complete of activities. Amazing.

I found the tour great and a beautiful way to spend the day of my birthday! Thank you for the delicious muffins and also for my gift!

Awesome guides and the driver. Place for eating was amazing! Thanks, Mareti!

The lighthouse was cool, and we had great weather for that. The prison was interesting, the facts the local guide told us were helpful and personal. Cool and very well-organized trip.

Good value for money and nice guides. Well organized and delicious food.

Lovely tour guide and interesting info during the bus ride.

It was really nice! Thank you. I liked the hike, the lighthouse and also the prison tour.

I really liked the prison tour guide, she had interesting stories to tell. All the locations were very interesting. The way our guide was telling some stories in the bus is very nice. General impression: the trip was amazing!

Amazing places and a great trip! Amazing destinations, great snacks and really interesting information during the bus drive. I really enjoyed every part of the trip and will recommend it to everyone.

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for organizing such an event!

The cliffs and the peninsula were really nice, and it was a nice atmosphere in the group. The prison was interesting to see and also that woman who worked here told us interesting stories. The lagoon was beautiful.

Very interesting trip. Beautiful lake at Rummu. The tour through the old prison was interesting and gave us a good impression of how life was there. The lighthouse had a great view.

Both, the lighthouse and the prison were impressive. Great trip and I loved all the information we got also during the bus ride. Thanks for the day!


Feedback from Spring 2019

I really loved the tours of the prison. the kind of thing that only you can provide. Open air picnic with soup was great. I very much enjoyed the day and hope to join you for tours in future!

I loved all the Mareti trips and people from Mareti. Special thanks, love and hugs to you. All of your trips made Estonia more memorable. Also I liked all the info given and shared by group leaders over microphone.

It was really nice, especially the guided tour in the prison. it was an interesting trip far away from what we are used to.

It was really nice. The private tour of the prison was very interesting and the view of the lighthouse really beautiful. Thanks for the trip!

Great places, great food!

Excellent as usual!

I was pleasantly surprised for all the vegan food and snacks. I had very nice experience!

Please don’t change anything! It was the best of all trips! I’ll keep you in a very good memory!

I really liked visiting Rummu prison and enjoying the view from the top of the lake. Everything was perfect!

Thank you for this day! It was a lot of fun and a really nice experience!

Awesome like always. Love your lovely muffins and food. Dunny stories and your guides.

I loved the private tour in prison – really interesting. And I love the information given by the guide.