DayTrip to Rummu and Paldiski

We are happy to invite you for a 7h DayTrip to Rummu prison and quarry, and Paldiski with Pakri lighthouse. These are great alternative places to see and discover in Estonia.

Rummu quarry a former mining site for Vasalemma marble (a kind of limestone). Most of the work was done by prisoners in Murru prison in Rummu. When the prison was closed, pumps that kept the quarry dry were shut down. The groundwater flooded the area quickly, so that the mining machines, buildings, trees and other equipment is now under water. It is a unique museum as the water is so transparent and looks like lagoon.

The prison and quarry area are located on closed territory and is open only for guided tours.

We will have the opportunity to visit the area and go inside the old prison buildings, corridors and rooms with the local guide.

We will have picnic there by the beach before we continue the day.

In addition, to complete the DayTrip, we will go and discover Paldiski at Pakri peninsula. Paldiski was a Soviet Navy nuclear submarine training center. It gave work to 16,000 people, and, it was the largest such facility in the Soviet Union with two land-based nuclear reactors. The whole city was closed off because of its importance with barbed wire until the last Russian warship left in August 1994. Here we will see the town, limestone cliff, lighthouse and nature.Right next to Paldiski, at Pakri peninsula, there is the highest lighthouse in Estonia and we are going to visit it and climb up 275 steps!

To see real Rummu prison views, check out the video by Alan Walker “Faded”

Plan of the day:

  • 11am departure from Tallinn
  • Drive trough the city to Rummu (1h)
  • Rummu prison tour (1.5h)
  • Discovering Rummu quarry area – lake and the hill (1h)
  • Lunch in open air (45min)
  • Drive to Paldiski (30min)
  • Visiting Pakri lighthouse (1h)
  • Drive trough small streets of Paldiski (15min)
  • Departure to Tallinn (1h)
  • 6pm arrival to Tallinn


This trip is a great way to enjoy a long day in the alternative areas of Estonia with food, guided tour in Rummu and Pakri Lighthouse ticket included! Departure at 11am and arrival back at 6pm.