DayTrip to Prangli Island

Interested to know what are these three islands – Aegna, Naissaar and Prangli so close to Tallinn? What role did the islands play during soviet occupation time and what is going on there today? We have the answers. Come and join us for 11h Prangli DayTrip with Mareti team, your friends from previous Mareti trips and great local guides on the island who will tell us all about on the island life then and now. One long day, full of information, tours on soviet trucks, visits to museums, lunch, and a boat ride.

Prangli, the northern gate of Estonia, is located 9km, around one-hour boat ride to the north-east from Leppneeme port in Viimsi. The area of the island is only 6,44km² and around 100 people live on the island. There are three villages, a school, museums, church, a few shops, and accommodation places here. The nature is astonishing and untouched, mixed with beaches, coastline, pine forests, fishermen villages and a special place where you can see natural gas coming out from the ground.

The only way to go to Prangli is by ferry called “Wrangö”. This is also the old name of Prangli island.  We will discover the island area by walk and by old soviet trucks, visit museums and have lunch.

Trip to Prangli island will take place in take place in October, 2021!

Plan of the day:

  • Departure from Tallinn (three pickups: Academic hostel, Larsen house, Mere pst 5) at 8am
  • Drive through the city to Leppneeme port (1h)
  • Boat-ride to Prangli island (1h)
  • Discovering Prangli island with local guides by walk and trucks
  • Visits to local museums
  • Lunch
  • Free time to walk around the area
  • Boat-ride back to Tallinn at 4:30pm (1h)
  • Drive to city centre (first stop Mere pst 5, last stop Academic hostel) (1h)

This is a great way to enjoy a long day on an island close to Tallinn with food, guided tour and museum tickets included!

Price for the trip will be announced in September 2021!

Departure at 8am and arrival back at 6pm.