DayTrip to Naissaar

Nargen, Nargö, Narghetnm “the island of women” is the biggest island on northern cost of Estonia, 8km long and 3.5km wide, divided into three villages and is around 8.5km from Tallinn. Before WWII, the population of this closed island was more than 450. Today, the population is around 3-10 people. One of the most popular islands to visit with amazing military history that you can touch and climb on!
So, what is there SO special about Naissaare?

It is mostly the fortifications, sea fortress, that is still partly remained, mine fields, railway. The sea fortress dates back to Peter the Great times, but the main fortifications are from the period of Russian rule. During the period of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Soviet Union established its largest factory for naval mines in the Baltic on the island.

The Soviets therefore declared the island a military area and off-limits to the public. The Soviets also used the railway to connect the factory to the port. Since 1995, Naissaar is a nature park and the only way to go there is by boat. We have our own private boat that takes us there.

There are several lighthouses on the island, a church, many military object ruins, museum, and an incredibly special music event called Nargen Festival takes place on the island.

Trip to Naissaar will take take place on Saturday, 25. September, 2021!

Plan of the day:

  • 10am departure from Pirita harbor (close to the beach)
  • Boat-ride to Naissaar (1h)
  • Arrival to Naissaar
  • Tour on the island by military trucks and walk with local guide
  • Lunch on the island
  • 2h of free time to discover more (for example the mine field, 3+3km walk)
  • 5pm boat-ride back to Tallinn, Pirita (1h)
  • 6pm arrival back to Pirita harbor

This is a great way to enjoy a long day on a unique former closed military island with food, guided tours by walk and soviet trucks!

We travel in small and safe and very private group. The ferry is booked only for our group and we have our own individual guide on the island.

Join us for this all included trip.

Price for this all included trip is 90€ with ESN card.

Departure at 10am and arrival back at 6pm.