About Us

Main Organizers

Mariane Barrier

… is the organizer of all Mareti trips. She has been ESN Tallinn president and board member, and is now alumni of ESN Tallinn. She is happy to give international students a chance to visit these amazing destinations to Lapland and St. Petersburg in the best possible way. Working countless hours on the best possible result, you can be sure that she takes care of you since your first registration for the trip until you arrive back from the trip. She even bakes chocolate muffins for St. Petersburg trips early morning and has ordered neck pillows to make the long bus ride more comfortable for Lapland trips.

Etienne Barrier

… is a former Erasmus student who has lived in Estonia since 2009. Together with Mariane, he is also the organizer of Mareti trips for many years. He is one of the dedicated group leaders and takes good care of the website and sharing information about the trips. Etienne is also ESN Tallinn member helping to organize all kind of other events during the semester. He is also a student in IT College of Tallinn.

Etienne & Mariane

Group Leaders

Aliis Pikk

… has a stong ESN Tallinn background as a board member and active member as well. She studies in Tallinn University and likes to take challenges with our groups to take them to Lapland and St. Petersburg. Aliis has strong skills in winning snow battles and also discovering shortcuts in St. Petersburg endless streets to see the open bridges on the river at night. She is also good at photography and video.

Kairit Vill

… has been an active member and a board member of ESN Tallinn for several years. She graduated midwifery studies in Tallinn Health Care College and is working in a hospital. She enjoys spending time with international students and this is one of many good reasons why she has been out trips group leader for many years already.
With Kairit you will discover some secret restaurants in St.Petersburg and how to have the longest sledge ride!

Keiu Michalski

…has been an active member of ESN Tallinn for several years. Back in the days, she loved managing various events ESN offered. Has done her own Erasmus year in Belgium, Gent. She studied occupational therapy in Tallinn Health Care College and is now taking care of patients in the biggest hospital of Estonia. As a true animal lover, she is helping you to get connected with huskies and reindeers.

Made Katsevic

… has also been an active member and board member in ESN Tallinn. She has studied clothes design in the University of Applied Sciences and has started her career in this field. From time to time, she loves to join our trips as a group leader to show our students something they have never seen before. For example hold a hand when crossing the arctic circle or taking a canal cruise on Neva river.


In case you have any questions or something is unclear and you did not find it from this website, please write us an email and we are happy to reply.

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