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Mareti, together with ESN Tallinn and ESN Estonia, organizes good quality trips to exchange and international students in Tallinn. To fulfill the dreams and wishes of our students, we give you professional trips to St. Petersburg (Russia), to Lapland (North of Finland) and of course Around Estonia.

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Mareti team is ready for the next semester, Spring 2019!
All our trips are rich in programme and fair in prices. Check them out!


Husky ride, tons of snow and hours of sledding, hello to Santa and reindeers, swim in a frozen lake – these are just a few of the things you will do and see during our magical trip. Join us for this 5-day trip to North of Finland and collect memories of a lifetime!

Around Estonia

Highest mountain and the deepest lake, lot of different cities, big cultural variety and traditions in this small country,  where there is so much to see. Let’s get to know your new home land during this 3-day trip together with locals to celebrate 100 anniversary of Estonia.


Hermitage museum and golden cathedrals, famous Neva river and the deepest metro under it – all this in the city of 5 million inhabitants. Let’s cross the border together for this 4-day trip to the biggest country in the world – Russia.

Join us for the ride!

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